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Nutritional Supplements

nutritional_supplements_260.jpgOur Nutritional Supplements are free of all toxic excipients, fillers, binders, flow agents like magnesium stearate and other toxic ingredients. They are freshly made and are in vegetable capsules. The shelf life (unopened) is approximately three to four years. What do we use as a flow agent?  We use Brown Rice Bran.  What do we use as a preservative?  We use NO preservatives.  All nutritional supplement are specially sealed so that the ingredients are not exposed to air.

Your food choices are are directly responsible for your health and longevity. Taking effective supplements with wise food choices will help you experience more vitality and health. Miracles can happen!  What choices will YOU make?  

There are so many reasons to take nutritional supplements. It can be very difficult to get all of the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that your body really needs to perform its best every single day. Even if you consistently maintain a healthy diet, there are going to be days when the foods you eat simply don’t contain every single bit of nutrition you need. Fortunately, our nutritional supplements make it easy to really take your nutrition habits to the next level.

The Body/Mind Connection

Choose homeopathy and natural nutritional supplements to repair the mind-body connection. When you are healthy, you are happy. Sometimes it really is as simple as that!  Nutritional supplements bring harmony to your body and mind by restoring balance. If your body is lacking important nutrients, taking nutritional supplements replenishes them.  Our all natural nutritional supplments are safe for all ages, so you never have to worry about dangerous side effects. When your body is balanced, your mind follows suit.

Order Online Today

All of our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and completely natural and safe. Our supplements do not contain any fillers, excipients, binders, flow agents, or any other toxic ingredients, and they are crafted by professionals in small batches, in FDA-registered facilities. You can take our products confidently, knowing that they will not harm you. We keep our prices affordable because we believe that everyone has a right to natural medicine alternatives. To learn more about our all natural supplements and products, just give us a call at (800) 219-1261, or simply place your order online today!

atp-max400.jpg ATP Max with PEAK ATP WC-800-ATP $39.00 Qty
dailypack400.jpg Daily Essentials Pack WC-GIN-4 $113.94 Qty
biofilmdetox400.jpg BioFilm Detox WC-BFD $59.95$47.88

90 Veggie Caps

bio-iodine400.jpg BioIodine WC-803-BIOIO $25.68 Qty
candida_fungus_mold800.jpg Candida, Fungus & Mold Detox Kit WC-CFM-KIT $389.24 Qty

CHOLEST 90 Veggie Caps

colon-pro400.jpg Colon Pro (120 Caps) WC-031-CPD $45.90 Qty
digest-pro400.jpg Digest Pro WC-510-Dig $32.16 Qty
hgp400.jpg Hepatic Glutathione Pathway WC-HGP $113.90$53.94

90 Veggie Caps

vkidneypro.jpg Kidney Pro (120 Caps) WC-028-KPD $53.90 Qty
L-Trypto.JPG L'Tryptophan WC-LTRYPTO $41.90 Qty
DSCN0091.JPG Liver Pro (120 Caps) WC-029-LPD $51.90 Qty
metamemory400.jpg Meta-Memory Kit WC-MetaMem $377.86 Qty
DSCF0105 NAC Pro 60ct.jpg NAC PRO (N-Acetyl Cysteine) WC-802-NAC PRO $25.90 Qty
DSC00466.JPG Nano Ionic Bone Formula WC-Nano Bone $33.00 Qty
immune150.jpg Nano Ionic Immune Formula WC-Nano Immune $33.00 Qty
iodine150.jpg Nano Ionic Iodine WC-Nano Iodine $39.00 Qty
iron150.jpg Nano Ionic Iron WC-Nano Iron $39.00 Qty
DSC00457.jpg Nano Ionic Joint WC-Nano Joint $33.00 Qty
DSC00456-Mag.JPG Nano Ionic Magnesium Formula WC-Nano Mag $33.00 Qty
multiple150.jpg Nano Ionic Multi Minerals w/Silica WC-Nano Multi $33.00

Auto-Ship Ionic Multiple with Silica

DSCF0115.jpg Nano Ionic Selenium WC-Nano Sele $39.00 Qty
silica150.jpg Nano Ionic Silica Formula WC-Nano Silica $33.00 Qty
silver150.jpg Nano Ionic Super Silver WC-silver $39.00 Qty
Niacinamide.jpg Niacinamide B-3 WC-B3 $26.90 Qty
DSC00360.jpg Ocean Med's, 60 caps WC-046-OM60 $50.50 Qty
optimal-multi-pro.jpg Optimal Multi Pro WC-801-OMP $51.00 Qty
RADIATION pack.jpg Bone Building Pack WC-PACK-30 $84.63

Auto-Ship Radiation Detox Pack

DSCN0079.JPG Raw Nattokinase WC-804-NATTO $44.00 Qty
4-Pros.jpg Two Month Organic Slow Cleanse WC-SLOW-2 $519.42 Qty
Vit D3.jpg Vitamin D3 WC-D3 $29.94 Qty
Whole Body Immune.jpg Whole Body & Immune Pro (120 Caps) WC-032-WBD $52.04 Qty
DSC00519.JPG Whole Body Deep Cleanse Kit: 13 day flush WC-PACK-16D $278.00 Qty

Feel and Look Better

When your body has the nutrients it needs, the difference is clear. You naturally feel more energized and upbeat when you are healthy, and nutritional supplements also promote anti-aging. If you feel like you lost that youthful glow you once had, you may just need to boost your body’s nutrition levels. There are so many reasons why your body may be lacking important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. For example, vegetarians may need to take B vitamins because they do not get enough of certain nutrients and protein in their diet. Taking our all natural safe nutritional supplements are an effective way to give your body what it is lacking.


See Why Informed Health Enthusiasts Choose Dr. Dale’s

Dr. Theresa Dale takes extraordinary pride in every single one of her products. She is an authority on homeopathy, and has spent years on lecture circuits, educating, consulting health providers, doing radio interviews, and writing books. She is highly qualified to create premium all natural nutritional supplements and wellness products, based on years of research and first-hand experience. Dr. Dale currently holds numerous prestigious titles, including Biological Medical Consultant, Traditional Naturopath, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Homeopath. You can trust that Dr. Dale’s passion for natural health shines through in every product. 

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