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EndoPure Estro (Estrogen Homeopathic)



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 EndoPure Estro (Estrogen Homeopathic)

Read the indications on the label to compare your symptoms.

Using EndoPure is most effectve when you use homeopathic principles of treating. If hot flashes, or other hormonal symptoms are acute: Use a formula often, every hour or 15 minutes until the symptoms are relieved. Then continue using the formula as directed on the label or according to the custom five element saliva test program. For chronic conditions use as directed on the label. If hot flashes are chronic, you may use EndoPure often (if symptoms become acute) only until symptoms abate; then continue normal regime according to label or saliva test. Many people report that they get the best results using EndoPure during the entire month. It is fine to use it this way as well.

Saliva testing is always preferable so that you can know your baseline hormone levels and can monitor changes that occur from using NuFem or Endopure.

If you want to purchase a salivary test (A Wellness Program is included) you will get NuFem recommendations. Additionally, you can add an Endopure formula to your program at any time because the indications are slightly different.

The Endopure and NuFem lines of Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation have been registered with the FDA. If you read the information under "Homeopathic Hormone Rejuvenation", you will see actual case histories from years of research. THESE REMEDIES WORK! They have no side effects and are totally safe for everyone.

The Endopure line has 4 formulas. Endopure formulas are similar but not exactly the same as NuFem. The Endopure remedies are a Liquid oral formulation, whereas NuFem is a cream.


Cortisol 6C, Adrenal 6C, Pineal 6C, Estrogeninum 6X, Estradiolinum 6X, Estriol 6X, Pituitary 6C, Hypothalamus 6C, Ovarinum 6C, Cheladonium 6C, Sepia 12C, Lilium Tigrinum 12C, Sulfur (mineral) 12C, Sanguinara Candensis 6C, Belladonna 6C, Pulsatilla 12C

Inactive Ingredients:

Demineralized Water, 25% Ethanol

Formulated by Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, N.P.                                                                    

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